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Listen to a 9-minute podcast about QC-MyMeds™ "A Very Practical Opioid Alternatives Program for Employers"

QC-MyMeds™ helps employees at risk of opioid misuse get the professional care and guidance they need 

  • Achieve a quick win with a practical solution you can implement today 
  • Helps your employees suffering from overuse of opioids who are ready to get help 
  • Utilizes comprehensive medication reviews and customized opioid-related interventions 
  • Is in collaboration with SinfoníaRx 
  • Is deliberately inexpensive as part of our cause-driven mission

30,080 opioid-related interventions, resulting in $7,338,100 in cost savings1

Consider the following:

  • 75% of adults ages 18 to 64 with substance misuse disorders are in the workforce.2
  • The cost to an employer of someone addicted to a long-acting opioid like OxyContin is $117,000 on average (includes medical spend and loss of productivity).3

Easy to Implement

At-risk employees identified: Employer group provides roster of eligible* employees to SinfoníaRx based on provided screening criteria

Self-referred option: Anonymous codes are provided for self-referred employees and family members

SinfoníaRx sends the employee a qualification letter 

SinfoníaRx calls the employee to conduct a Comprehensive Medication Review 

Services provided: 

  • Comprehensive Medication Review
  • Medication Safety Evaluation
  • Conduct Opioid Survey and/or Coordination With Medication Assisted Treatment 

QC-MyMeds™ reports on activity and status of the program to the employer group

Periodic analysis of newly at-risk employee population

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For more information about QC-MyMeds™, contact David Guy at david.guy@QC-Health.org.

QC-MyMeds™ is a QC-Health® program. Visit QC-Health.org.